Donna Stewart (Clairvoyant)

Donna Stewart (Clairvoyant)

Donna has been aware of Spirit since childhood, and now working professionally as a Medium for over 17 years, continues to bring warmth, humour and unquestionable evidence that life continues after this.

As a recognised Tutor of spiritual development, Donna teaches and lectures throughout the UK with some of its most respected Mediums and organisations. Her work abroad includes Italy, Athens, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan

Donna can be seen regularly at her lively, sensitive and inspiring evenings of Mediumship in theatres, Spiritualist centres and private venues bringing the two worlds together and reuniting loved ones.

Her television appearances include Living TV's '6ixth Sense', 'Psychic Detective' 'Psychic Private Eyes' and 'Frankly Speaking' for Gibraltar TV.

Donna and co-host Frankie Hatton bought 'Paranormal Hour' to the air for 18 months for BayFM radio and Donna regularly gives interviews for other radio networks.

Donna is the author of her first book 'From Spirit With Love' and 'Guided Meditations Gold' a double meditation CD recorded with The UK's no 1 recording artist 'Llewellyn' and her DVD 'Donna Stewart.. Honestly' is now available.

Donna is passionate about working with Spirit as a way of life, and wherever the journey leads she follows with dedication, commitment, and ultimate belief through experience that there is only life after this one.