Circus Show (Kat Collett)

Circus Show (Kat Collett)

The entirely unique Kat Collett brings you her 1 woman Circus.

Show 1: The Fire Show Extravaganza!

This family friendly show is 20-25 mins long and includes impressive one off tricks such as fire whip and an awesome multiple fire hoop split. The many varied routines are all set to toe tapping music and include fire eating, fire staff, unique fire club swinging, fire hula hoop and wall of fire poi. This show also has an optional space dependant pyrotechnic finale.

As seen hula hooping in the box office hit "Bridget Jones's Baby" 2016

"I would highly recommend Kat Collett to anybody wishing to add that something extra to their celebration, she really helps to create a relaxed atmosphere and then proceeds to stun her audience with her pyrotechnic expertise."  Myles and Magdalena Roberts, Newly Weds.

"Bradford on Avon's Art Festival theme this year was "Light" and Kat Collett certainly made that theme come to life.  It was also such a pleasure working with such a consummate professional".  Eve Slater, Festival Organiser

"A really excellent show, and very memorable.  Now I need to think of another party for Kat to perform at!"    Mark Gilbert.

Show 2: 2001: Space Shenanigans!

This show is 15-20mins; a tribute to 1960's Sci-Fi using music from the period, a whimsical family friendly show using various different glow props, such as glow poi and glow staff, glow hoop which creates hundreds of different patterns and a multiple glow hoop split for the finale.

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