Horror Hero

We can supply the following characters:

Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He comes complete with custom made four foot petrol driven chainsaw. The blades do not turn round and are blunt, however you can`t tell. His mask was imported from the States, the costume was hand made by a costume designer from Texas. Every minute detail has been covered and is as close as anyone can possibly get.

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. The mask was imported from the studios in America and is one of the original masks from Friday the 13th part 7. The outer hockey mask is a hand made replica.The costume again was imported from the states and is an exact copy of Jason`s outfit.

Michael Myers from Halloween. This mask has been cast from the same cast from the original Halloween movie. The costume has been handmade by one of our design team. It is a perfect copy.

Freddie Krueger from Nightmare On Elm Street. Freddie`s mask is the most expensive mask on the market coming in at over £300 It is a full head cover complete with the original hat from Nightmare On Elm Street 1. His glove is made from leather and steel and the costume again was designed and imported from The States.

Harry Warden from My Bloody Valentine. A little known yet popular character. His costume is truly terrifying. It took two years to put this costume together to make sure every individual component was an exact match to the original.

Billy from Saw 2. Billy is the original puppet as seen in Saw 2. We bought him from Lionsgate Pictures who made the film. He comes complete with the trike which is fully remote controlled. We are the only ones in the UK to own an original Billy.

All our characters are performed by professional actors. We carry full public liability insurance.

All our weapons have been hand made to the exact same specifications from the original movies.

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