LiveAde - a tribute to the greatest concert the World has ever seen!

13th of July 1985.

"It's 12 noon in London, 7am in Philadelphia and it's time for LiveAde!"

The opening announcement to the most memorable show ever and Vix & Johnie want to help you relive, or perhaps introduce you to, the experience of the fabulous music and artists of that special day.

Vix & Johnie remember it as teenagers and use their own flair as a duo to bring an exciting and thrilling show, playing the most remarkable songs of that day from artists such as:
Status Quo
Boomtown Rats
Nik Kershaw
Eric Clapton
David Bowie
Phil Collins
The Who
Elton John
Dire Straits
Power Station
Bryan Adams
Hall & Oates
Kenny Loggins
Mick Jagger
Tina Turner
Paul McCartney