NTS 2021/22

For all age ranges, the NTS competition heats will be held at Crookes Club Sheffield on October 24/31 & November 7/14/21/28. The same format will exist at all heats and contain the same rules and judging requirements.

Whilst the competition is open to everyone, the aim is to discover NEW, UNTRIED & UNTESTED artists that have yet to grace a stage but would like to do so professionally.

The winners of all heats will be awarded a place in the Grand Final at Crookes Club, Sheffield on Sunday December 19th, 2021.

Part One Registration and auditions

·        Due to the likely high demand to appear & spaces being limited all contestants wishing to take part on any of the NTS heats will be required to email a performance clip to info@theactstore.com Not all artists will make it through this initial phase but IF your submission is successful we will TRY to give you a slot on your preferred date but this cannot be guaranteed.

·        We are unable to feature hypnotists, any form of nudity, acts that involve the throwing or juggling of fire/knives/swords or the use of hazardous materials/devices. Contestants may perform any form of “talent” but within the guidelines of public decency.  If you are unsure, please approach a member of the Act Store Ltd for further clarification.

·        All contestants must bring along to the heat all props, music, backing tracks and elements involved in their performance. PA is provided by the Act Store in conjunction with P8 Audio hire.

·        Contestants are not permitted to “singalong” with the original track. Backing tracks or karaoke tracks must be used.  Where no tracks are available then the contestant will be allowed to perform with no backing music which will result in no direct alterations or gains to the judges marking. 

·        Contestant’s performances must not exceed 10 minutes.

·        Any performances exceeding 10 minutes will be stopped during their performance and judges marking will reflect.

·        3 independent judges shall be approached prior to the competition and if they are chosen as judges their immediate family or friends may not take part in the competition.  If 3 independent judges cannot be found, then the Act Store Ltd management will provide independent judges from their sources.

·        All contestants performing in the competition must be available when called to the stage by the entertainment team.


The judges will be advised to mark the contestants out of 10 points considering the following criteria: Presentation, Originality & Star Quality.

(The same judge’s categories will be used when marking in all competitions) The judge’s marks will be written down and physically recorded.

·        An independent adjudicator will be a member of the Act Store Ltd to ensure all scores are correct.


·        Judge’s Decision is Final.  Any competitors must accept the verdict of the judges and their individual marking and no appeal against that verdict may be made.

·        NTS is a group of competitions which is open to all diversities & all abilities. 

·        The competition is sponsored by The Act Store Ltd in kid conjunction with Crookes Club.

·        The Act Store Ltd has 3 golden tickets in total to put through a contestant if they have impressed them.

 ·        Prizes

·        1st Prize is: The title of “Northern Talent Search Champions 2022” with trophy, a contract with the Act Store Ltd, a photo session, a video recording, a free of charge slot at Showcase Productions (worth £240 held January 2022) to audition before all the UK major bookers, and a chance to support a headline act at the prestigious Club Tropicana, Chapel St Leonards.

·        Runners up: A contract with the Act Store Ltd, a certificate, a photo session, a free of charge slot at Showcase Productions (worth £240 held January 2022) to audition before all the UK major bookers.

·        I have read and understood the rules & regulations and wish to abide by these and enter as a contestant.

·        By applying to enter the competition & submitting my initial email performance I accept the rules of the competition.

·        By agreeing to these terms, I am contractually agreeing that photography/video can be used for all marketing purposes.
To make an application to take part email info@theactstore.com closing date for applications is Sept 30, 2021.

Application Part 1

Please answer the below questions & email them back to info@theactstore.com We’ll be in touch soon…

Your Name____________

Your age______________

Home address_________________________________________________________

Email address_________________________________________________________

Telephone Number(s)________________________________________________________

Name of act (if different to above)____________________________________

Description of act (eg: band, pop duo, dancer etc)________________________

Link to clip of act _________________________________________________________

Preferred appearance date___________________________________



All data received will remain private & confidential in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Please note that each member of the public attending will have to pay a £2 cover charge at the door including all friends & family of contestants.

Full copy of the rules of the competition can also be found on the act store home page www.theactstore.com