Dolly Parton Tribute Act – Katie Marie

Dolly Parton Tribute Act – Katie Marie

The Act store presents Katie Marie  as the youngest and prettiest Dolly Parton Tribute in the UK. Still only in her 20’s Katie has the vocal ability and natural looks and features of the real Dolly Parton.


Her Dolly Parton Tribute show consists of up to 1 hour of Dolly Parton hits or 1 spot of a Dolly Parton Tribute followed by another spot of Country music hits, all popular and all UK hits from artists such as Olivia Newton John and Billy Jo Spears. A perfect Dolly Parton Tribute down to the last curve and note!

Katie Marie has an unbelievable natural Country Music voice that uncannily sound like the legend Dolly Parton without any effort.

Katie Marie has been singing in cabaret venues throughout the North West of England since 2006.
In 2007 she put together a country music show concentrating on female country legends that had managed to hit the mainstream popular charts.
In 2008 her new Dolly Parton Tribute show hit the venues to great acclaim.
Still at the age of 21 with all the assets of Dolly Parton, both vocally and visually, Katie Marie has a big future in the country music entertainment and tribute industry.